More About Me


“I’m Here to Help!”

Since 2004, Nicole has lived and breathed by those four words as a Realtor. Her tireless commitment to providing excellent service to her clients has allowed Nicole to help them reach their dream to buy or sell their homes. Whether her clients are moving up, moving out or moving on, Nicole’s mission is to provide stellar service from start to finish.

A life-long resident of the Bay Area, Nicole grew up in San Jose and graduated from San Jose State University. Nicole began her career in marketing, where she quickly worked her way up to executive marketing positions in the high-tech arena. It was during these early years in her career where Nicole honed her strong negotiating skills. When the time came for Nicole to shift gears in 2004, real estate was her one and only career choice. “It was a natural fit for me,” said Nicole. “The need for strong negotiation skills is paramount as a Realtor, so I was naturally drawn to it—and I’ve remained passionate about it since day one.” Nicole also brings tremendous organization and communication skills to the table. “It is very important to me that my clients are never left wondering where we are during a transaction, or what to expect next. There is never guess work when it comes to serving my clients.”

Nicole is a proud mother of her two children, loves outdoor adventures, and remains active in her community.